Club Personnel

Club Officers & Board of Directors

President: Roger Rowlett
Vice President: Bob Risley
Past President: Fred Hicks
Secretary: Israel Acosta
Treasurer: Brad Anderson
2015-2018: Jennifer Turner, Joel Scherer
2016-2019: Peggy Caneen
2017-2020: Bernadette DiMeo, Duane Farr
GNCC representative (ex-officio): Brian Moore

Other UCC Personnel

ABC Officer: Pat Costello
Adaptive Curling: Bob Prenoveau
Assistant Treasurer, Dues: Knyoca Law
Calendar: Bob Risley (chair)
Caterer: Soup to Nuts Catering, Dominick Rose
Charity Challenge: Carol Jones (chair), Dale Jones, Vicki Sheardown
College Curling: M.J. Walsh, Roger Rowlett
Corporate Events/Group Outings/Ice Rentals: Bernadette DiMeo
Club Manager: Dominick Rose
Curlogram: Becky Schewe
Drawmaster: Mike Kessler
E-mail Announcements: Joyce Shaffer
Finance Committee: Brad Anderson, Jim Rishel
Golf Tournament: Anne Stuhlman, Julie Chanatry, Brenda & Phil Citriniti, Barb Felice, Don Knapp, Conrad & Knyoca Law, Jim Schafer
Group Outings: Bernie DiMeo
Historian: Joel Scherer
House Committee: Mark Crane (Chair), John Caneen, John Collea, Becky Kick, Dave Palazzoli
Ice Committee: Dave Mitchell, Charlie Schatz, Bob Burnett, Carrie Casab, Tom Clark, Joe Cosentino, Tami Dunnigan, Sue Gardner, John Spicer, Bill Turner, Gary White
Ice Technician: David Mitchell
Instruction: Roger Rowlett, M.J. Walsh
Phoenix Pro Shop: Jen Turner
Kitchen Liaison: Barb Felice
Media Coordinator: Pete Ciaralli, Julie Gederos
Membership: Carol Jones (chair), Tim Conboy, Anne Stuhlman
Mixed Committee: Brenda & Phil Citriniti (chairs), Knyoca Law, Karen Barnes, Mitch Rubinovich, Mike & Sheila Waters, Israel & Kim Acosta, Becky Schafer, Tim & Sue Hansen, Ben Gaetano
Nominating Committee: Jim Rishel (chair), Pete Ciarelli, Mike DiMeo, Melissa Foote, Jacquelyn Schmidt
Rockmaster: Roger Rowlett
Roster: Michelle MacEnroe
R.O.C.K. Program (youth): Marena Taverne
Security: Dale Jones
Sesquicentennial Committee: Brenda Citriniti (chair), Peggy Caneen, Jen Turner, Karen Rogowski, Joel Scherer, Peggy Rotton
Sponsorships: Mike Lennon, Bryn Davis, Erlene Puleo
Sunshine: Becky Schafer, Jen Turner
Web site: Roger Rowlett, M.J. Walsh
Online Photos: Karen Barnes, Sean Lanigan

Men's Leagues

Charbonneau: Mike Kessler
Men's Ladder: Jerry Stevens

Men's Bonspiels

Mitchell: Brian Moore, Kevin Stevens
Murray: Mike Platt, Pat Costello, Tom Platt Jr., Pete Ciaralli

Past Presidents

Glengarry Executive Committee

President: Jacquelyn Schmidt
Vice President: Erlene Puleo
Secretary: Joyce Shaffer
Treasurer: Tami Dunnigan
Past President: off year
2015-2018 member: Toni Rosinski
2017-2019 member: Marianne Turczyn
2017-2020 member: Karen Barnes
USWCA representative 2017-2020: Susan Williams

Glengarry Committees

Daytime Scheduling: Meredith Rofaro, Peggy Rotton
Evening Scheduling: Lis DeGironimo (chair), Julie Chanatry, Dee Pfohl, Melon Sofinski
Nominating Committee: Michelle MacEnroe (chair), Brenda Card, Sue Hanson, Melon Sofinski
Rules: Lis DeGironimo (chair), Julie Chanatry, Dee Pfohl, Joyce Schaffer, Melon Sofinski

Women's Leagues

Daytime: Meredith Rofaro, Peggy Rotton
Evening: Lis DeGironimo (chair), Julie Chanatry, Dee Pfohl, Melon Sofinski

Women's Bonspiels

Empire State Playdowns: Joyce Shaffer
Empire State: Bryn Davis, Liz Kaido
Glengarry Challenge: Bryn Davis, Cindy Brown, Kathy Palazzoli, Carrie Casab

Mixed & Open Leagues

Fun & Fitness: Fred Hicks & Pam Jones, Jen & Bill Turner, Peggy & John Caneen, Diane & Bob Caine
Happy Hour: Fred Hicks & Pam Jones, Jen & Bill Turner, Peggy & John Caneen, Diane & Bob Caine
King's Cup (1st half): Brenda & Phil Citriniti
King's Cup (2nd half): Knyoca Law, Mitch Rubinovitch, Karen Barnes
Mixed Doubles: Donna Caleo, Roger Rowlett
Open League: Mike Kessler
Tuesday Daytime: Meredith Roefaro & Peggy Rotton

Mixed Bonspiels

Calder-Conley Hurd:
Cobb: Conrad & Knyoca Law
College: M.J. Walsh & Roger Rowlett
Mixed Championships:
Open Invitational:
"Our House is Your House": Carol Jones
Turkey Spiel:

Past Glengarry Presidents


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Upcoming Events

1)  Thu Mar 15, 2018
Gordon International Bonspiel
The 123rd match between 20 teams each from the Grand National Curling Club and the Canadian Branch of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club. Thu-Sat, March 15-17.
2)  Thu Mar 22, 2018 05:45 pm
Rose Bonspiel
Closing club bonspiel. Members only. Thu-Sat, March 22-24.
3)  Wed Mar 28, 2018 07:00 pm
Annual Membership Meeting
Annual membership business meeting. Members only.