Frequently Asked Questions

Who can curl?

Anyone can curl. The Utica Curling Club has members from age 7 to over 90, and we come in a variety of levels of physical fitness! What you see on TV is not the only way to curl. We have delivery techniques for folks with bad knees and backs, and are home to an active contingent of wheelchair curlers (3/5ths of the US Wheelchair Curling Team curl at UCC).

How much does it cost?

The biggest cost is the annual membership fee. There are a variety of types of memberships (see How to Join). First-year members get a substantial discount. A full membership enables you to curl in up to 4 leagues a week with no additional fees (other than buying drinks when you win!). Curling in tournaments (bonspiels), does involve an extra fee for each bonspiel. Those fees (which typically include at least one meal) range from about $30 for a local bonspiel to about $85 for a bonspiel at another club.

What about equipment?

Equipment for curling is simple: warm comfortable clothing, clean shoes, and a broom. The cost of shoes runs from $85 to $300, and there are less expensive alternatives (2 grippers and a pull-on slider will run about $40). Good brooms start at about $75 and can go for as much as $190. The club also has brooms that can be borrowed during your first year.

Can I watch or try curling?

Yes, we'd be glad to have you come visit. We have events for non-curlers in the fall and spring. See the Try Curling section of our homepage for upcoming events. Just want to watch? Contact the visitors coordinator to arrange for someone to meet you and explain what you're watching!

How do I learn to curl?

We have instructors who can give you excellent instruction to help you play better and enjoy the game more. In addition there is a Curling School that meets on Sundays from late October to early December especially designed to help you improve your game right away. Curling School is available to members at no extra charge, and to non-members for a fee.

Do you curl year round?

The curling season at the Utica Curling Club runs from the end of October to the end of March. There are opportunities to curl in the Northeast at other times of year.

Is it cold out there on the ice?

Not as cold as skiing! The ice temperature is about 24° F but the air temperature is usually around 40° F.

How is the game played - what are the rules?

See About the Game.

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Upcoming Events

1)  Mon Oct 12, 2015 07:00 pm
Rink draft
Rink League skips choose their teams.
2)  Sat Oct 17, 2015 04:00 pm
Our House is Your House Bonspiel
Full bonspiel experience for guests and new members. Dinner and dancing afterwards. Fees and details.
3)  Sat Oct 17, 2015 06:30 pm
Opening Party
Meet new members and catch up with returning members as the UCC rings in the new season.
4)  Thu Nov 05, 2015 07:00 pm
Branch Colts International
An invitational international bonspiel (open format) for teams composed of men and/or women with 5 years or less of curling experience. Thu-Sun, Nov 5-8. Details.
5)  Sat Nov 14, 2015
Utica-Schenectady-Albany Friendly
Interclub Women's friendly competition. Hosted at Utica in 2015. Details