Glengarry Challenge Bonspiel (women)

Chairpersons: Michelle MacEnroe, Erlene Puleo, Donna Caleo, Jan Rishel
2016 Results
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A competitive, in-house bonspiel, open to all Glengarries, to determine the women's club championship. Dress code is casual.


Competition will be 8 ends, bonspiel format, round robin up to 6 teams, over 6 teams will be knock out. Teams are self-selected. Dates will be determined by the Schedule Committee. The Chair may compete in the event. The fee will be determined by Committee. The winner of this competition will be the Glengarry Club Champion. This will be a club event, and all Glengarries will be eligible to compete.


The Glengarry Challenge was the second trophy to be given to the Utica Glengarries in 1950 by Marjorie Foster, our first President. A silver vase went to the winning team, and each member of the team received a pin in the shape of a Glengarry hat. For many years, the format was played by having a team sign up to challenge the previous winner. The challenge went on all during the season. The winner of the trophy was the team with the most winds during the season. This was an active competition until the '80s when it became more difficult to find the time to compete for the trophy.

The trophy then became associated with a daytime competition for a number of years and with a mixed event for a short time.

In 2003, the pin and the vase were reactivated. A tea pot and base were also given with winners engraved on the base. The winner of the trophy was declared the women's Club Champion. The antique tea pot is believed to be more than 100 years old and was donnated by Peggy Rotton. The base was crafted by Mr. Burnett, Mary Ellen Sofinski's father-in-law. In 2007 Eydie Savett donated pins, designed by Gloria Petrie, for the runners-up of the Glengarry Challenge. The pins are designed after the original Glengarry Silver Vase Trophy. The names of the runners-up are engraved on a base crafted by Marge VanSlyke.


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