King's Cup

A fun mixed league with 6-end games. Dedicated to Jim and Marie King, long-time members and supporters of mixed curling. The Spirit of Curling Award will be bestowed on a team that mentors new curlers, exhibits fair play and good sportsmanship, and makes the game enjoyable.

When: 1st and 2nd half, Friday 5:30 PM and 7:30 PM
Chairs: 1st half: Mitch Rubinovitch, Karen Barnes
Chairs: 2nd half:

5:30 Teams & Schedule ; 7:30 Teams & Schedule

Spirit of Curling Award Winners

fall 2016 (5:30): Joyce Shaffer, Jim Dell'Anno, Laura Lake, Dan Simon
fall 2016 (7:30): Jerry Stevens, Marena Taverne, Dave Preznya, Kimberly Lambing
spring 2016 (5:30): Bob Prenoveau,
spring 2016 (7:30): Joel Scherer,
fall 2015 (5:30): Fred Hicks, Jan Rishel, Pat Milhako, Marianne Turczyn*
fall 2015 (7:30):
spring 2014 (5:30):
spring 2014 (7:30): Bob Burnett, Liz Nolan, Dave Mitchell, Israel Acosta*

Historical Results

The King's Cup was a medal event prior to Fall 2014
201320122011 20102009200820072006

Previous Winners

The King's Cup was a medal event prior to Fall 2014
2013: Roger Rowlett, Knyoca Law, Mike DiMeo, Jeff White
2012: Mike Swiercz, Erlene Puleo, Joe Puleo, Dee Pfohl
2011: Bob Caine, Diane Caine, Rich Wielgosz, Mary Boak
2010: Eric Hauser, Laura Jacon, Tom Platt Sr., Ann Kebabian
2009: Bob Burnett, M.J. Walsh, Jerry Stevens, Jim Barefoot
2008: Don Knapp, M.J. Walsh, Bill Turner, Erin Hauser
2007: Karen Rogowski, Mike Kessler, Kim Freely, Pete Callari
2006: Don Knapp, Teale LaBarbera, Alex Ryan*, Rachel Ryan*
2005: Kathy Davis, John Davis, Teale LaBarbara, Bob Prenoveau
2004: Pat Costello, Brenda Card, Tomm Platt Sr., Marty Jones
2003: Vinnie Grove, Heather Swiercz, Tom Platt Sr., Cameo Voltz*
2001: Bill Morehouse, Ginger Zillioux, Doug Pens, Eileen Pens
2000: John Davis, Jane Jones, Tom Fritz, Nancy Guido

*denotes new curler (when known)

Previous winners (all events)


General Mixed Rules

Standing Rules

  • This is the fun mixed (co-ed) league running in the entire year.
  • The format of the finals will be decided by the event Chair, prior to the start of the first game, either;
    • By the win/loss record of the top six teams of the first draw vs. the top six teams of the second draw. Or,
    • By the win/loss record for the top twelve teams over both draws.
  • Games are six ends, with ties played off by an extra end.
  • Ties in the standings will be broken based on plus points accumulated during games played and, if required, total number of ends won.
  • A maximum of +10 points will be allowed for a win and –10 points for a loss.
  • Substitutions:
    • The rule of two men and two women playing alternate positions may be ignored if necessary to permit everyone signing up to participate. Substitutes should be on the same sex and abilities as the regular team member whenever possible. In no case shall any team of four men or four women compete.
    • A team is allowed a maximum to two substitutes per games. This limitation and the other general rules on substitution do not apply for players who are away on bonspiels or have an emergency circumstance during league games. However, they do apply during the finals. Under no circumstances can there be 4 subs on one team. Team must schedule a make-up or forfeit.
    • Substitutes for all positions must be of equal skill level or less to the player being replaced. Use of the established substitution ranking systems for men’s and women shall be employed. Any discrepancy will be resolved by the discretion of the event chair(s). Changing the order of players may be allowed to field a legal team with the advanced approval of the event chairs. Let good sportsmanship and curling honor prevail at all times.
    • Two players from the original team must be available to avoid a forfeit.
  • Points awarded for a forfeit win will be the average of all other winning teams for the evening. Points awarded for a forfeit loss will be the average of all other losing teams for the evening.


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