Mickey Haase

The original Lambert Grant trophy, given by Lambert Grant in 1953, replaced the French Cup. In January 2017, the league was renamed, memorializing Lifetime Honorary Member Mickey Haase. Her family donated the pin and trophy, saying: “Mickey loved all of her curling family and by awarding a competition medal, we honor and pay tribute to her true spirit - friendship, loyalty, and love.” Read more about the creation of the medal.

In the 2017-2018 season, the Mickey Haase was moved to the first rung of the women's ladder. Players are drafted by eligible skips; games are 8 ends.

When: first half, Monday 5:45 PM
Chair: Liz Kaido (Email)


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Current Standings

Current champions

Fall 2019 Mickey Haase Champions
Erlene Puleo (S), Liz Kaido (V) Dawn Scherer (2), Cindy Ciaralli (L)

Historical Standings

2019 2018fall 2017spring 20172016201520142013201220112010200920082007

Previous winners of the Mickey Haase

2019: Erlene Puleo, Liz Kaido, Dawn Scherer, Cindy Ciaralli
2018: Knyoca Law, Cindy Brown, Cindy Wydysh, Monica Spath
2017: Melissa Foote, Liz Kaido, Peggy Caneen, Cindy Wydysh
2017: Beth Pappalardo, Donna Caleo, Knyoca Law, Amy Boerger

Previous winners of the Lambert Grant

(Prior to the 2016-17 season, the Mickey Haase was the Lambert Grant)

2016: Erlene Puleo, Donna Caleo, Jan Rishel, Brenda Card
2015: Brenda Citriniti, Knyoca Law, Jen Turner, Vicki Sheardown
2014: Cindy Brown, Marena Taverne, Knyoca Law, Amy White
2013: Kathy Palazzoli, Liz Kaido, Jan Rishel, Sue Humphreys
2012: Bryn Davis, Erlene Puleo, Cindy Wydysh, Leslie Husted
2011: Chris Gleason, Knyoca Law, Audrey Foote, Mary Davis
2010: Joyce Shaffer, Peggy Caneen, Monica Spath, Jan Rishel
2009: Liz Williams, Julie Chanatry, Brenda Citriniti, Mary Boak
2008: Ylva Cortright, Donna Caleo, Heather Shaw, Laura Davis
2007: Lisa Miller, Anne Stuhlman, Colleen Welch, Cindy Wydysh
2006: Liz Williams, Barb Felice, Jennifer Crane, Amanda Thorngren*
2005: Donna Caleo, Ylva Cortright, Claire Bareiss, Liz Nolan
2004: Barb Felice, Ylva Cortright, Cindy Wydysh, Diane Waldron*
2003: Erlene Puleo, Nancy Owens, Joyce Lyman, Marge VanSlyke
2002: Judi Giovannone, Deb Morehouse, Suzanne Ernst, Lucile Marasco*
2001: Lis DeGironimo, Kathy Palazzoli, Laura Jacon, Jackie Santoro
2000: Erlene Daley, Eydie Savett, Kathy Palazzoli, Laura Muthig
1999: Diane Farr, Diane Caine, Barb Bonham, Joan Dewar
1998: Caitlin Costello, Donna Caleo, Renate Swiercz, Mary Hopsicker*
1997: Judi Giovannone, Eydie Savett, Donnal Caleo, Sue Fountain*
1996: FIRE
1995: Denise Fusco, Erlene Daley, Colleen Armstrong, April Radziewicz
1982: Bette Fleming, Robin Blodgett, Angela Nassar, Marty Jones
1980: Louise Ueltschi, Jaye Blatter, Eileen Sendzuk, Mary Curri
1975: Liz Martin, Peggy Rotton, Flo Kunze, Bunny Lloyd

* denotes new curler, added when known

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