Mitchell Invitational Bonspiel (men)

Thursday-Sunday, January 14-17, 2016
Chair: Brian Moore
Previous winners

2015 Results

  • Champion: (Schenectady 3) Mike Stefanik, Brian Damon, Peter Drechsler, Art Merkley
  • Runner-up: (Utica 2) Matt Hames, Mike Kessler, Jason Brien, Jason Golubski
  • B-event winner: (Granite) Peter Lyons, Chris DuPre, Doug Krailo, Jack DuPre
  • B-event runner-up: (Navy 1) Rob Brenning, Pat Brean, Tony Charbonneau, Mark Brenning
  • C-event winner: (Royal Kingston 2) Mike Schneider, Bob Campbell, Henry Treier, Tom Bryant
  • C-event runner-up: (Navy 2) Christrian Kittlitz, Cam Manson, Brad Boucher, Jason Pantalone
  • D-event winner: (Utica 1) Don Knapp, Tom Everson, Roger Rowlett, Kevin Stevens
  • D-event runner-up: (West Navan)Jerry Archambault, Mike Semeraro, Lee Gibbard, Dan Hollinger
  • E-event winner: (Penetanguishene) Dave Brunelle, Roger Lesperance, Kevin Moss, Aaron Kontkanen
  • E-event runner-up: (New Pond) Doug Burchesky, Sean Burchesky, Chase Sinnett, Dave Sinnett
  • F-event winner: (Haliburton) John Smillie, Moe Welch, Dave Moss, Rich Ashall
  • F-event runner-up: (Utica 4) Dave Schroeder, Jim Schaefer, Joel Scherer, Tom Platt, Sr.

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Returning teams must submit their entry by November 27, 2015. All other entries are accepted in order of receipt.
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Image An international invitational bonspiel, founded by Alexander Mitchell, patron of the Grand National, who placed the medal into competition in Feb. of 1885. There are six events with a four-game guarantee. The 2015 Mitchell is the 130th overall and the 103rd to be held at the Utica Curling Club. Dress code for banquet is business casual

Alexander Mitchell, a Scot from Aberdeenshire, moved to Milwaukee in 1839 as the representative of a Scottish insurance company. He became a leading banker, industrialist and later on became President of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway. In December of 1884, he donated the Mitchell Gold Medal for annual competition to be "played in the Eastern and Western sections alternately with the Gordon Champion Rink Medal." Mr. Mitchell died of pneumonia in the spring of 1887 and the last Western Competition was held in St. Paul in February of 1898. After that it was held only in the East, and in 1916, it was decided to make the Utica Curling Club the permanent host of the bonspiel.


Piping on the finalists, 2006 Mitchell Bonspiel


Holiday Inn Utica (7 minutes)
1777 Burrstone Rd, New Hartford
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