Murray Club Championship (men)

Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, December 14, 16, 17, 2017
Chairs: Mike Platt, Pat Costello, Tom Platt Jr., Pete Ciaralli
Previous winners (full results)

A competitive, in-house bonspiel to determine the men's club championship. The highest ranked teams at the completion of the bonspiel receive invitations to the next Mitchell Invitational Bonspiel. The skip of the winning team (Utica 1) has the responsibility to chair the Murray Bonspiel the following year.

Current Champions

2016 Men's Champions
Mike Platt (skip), Pat Costello (third), Tom Platt, Jr. (second), Pete Ciaralli (lead)

Mitchell Bonspiel Qualifiers

  • Utica 1 (Champion): Mike Platt, Pat Costello, Tom Platt, Jr., Pete Ciaralli, Doug Smith (alt)
  • Utica 2 (Runner-up): Scott Lent, Conrad Law, Phil Citriniti, Jerry Stevens
  • Utica 3 (B-event winner): Eric Krumme, Ken Thibado, Justin Schmidt, Kory Buckley, Tim Conboy (alt)
  • Utica 4 (C-event winner): Roger Rowlett, Howard Feldman, Dave Mitchell, Ray Edic
  • Utica 5 (D-event winner): Bill Morehouse, Mike DeGironimo, Dave Cragnolin, Israel Acosta
  • Utica 6 (Out o' the hat): Jason Brien, Mike Kessler, Jason Golubski, Gary White

Previous Winners

2015: Jason Brien, Mike Kessler, Howard Feldman, Jason Golubski
2014: Don Knapp, Tom Everson , Roger Rowlett, Kevin Stevens
2013: Matt Hames, Mike Kessler, Jason Brien, Jason Golubski
2012: Pat Costello, Brad Anderson, Pete Ciarelli, Tom Firsching
2011: Don Knapp, Tom Everson, Roger Rowlett, Kevin Stevens
2010: Bill Morehouse, Dave Cragnolin, Dan Kenney, Sean Lanigan
2009: Paul Giovannone, Joe Giovannone, Mike Sexton, Sal Inserra
2008: Michael Kessler, Tom Clark, Howard Feldman, Chuck Harter
2007: Brian Moore, Mike Swiercz, Dale Jones, Neal Burns
2006: Don Knapp, Tom Everson, Tom Luker, Tom Platt Jr.
2004: Brian Moore, Mike Swiercz, Dale Jones, Neal Burns
2003: Jim Dell'Anno, Pete Ciaralli, Tom Clark, Mike Singer
2002: Brian Moore, Mike Swiercz, Dale Jones, Neal Burns
2001: Bill Morehouse, Mike Kessler, Jim Gleason, Rick Czternostek, Bill Krause

Upcoming Events

1)  Thu Dec 21, 2017 08:00 pm
Tom Garber Draft
Skips choose teams for Tom Garber league.
2)  Wed Jan 03, 2018 06:00 pm
Glenplaidies draft
3)  Thu Jan 04, 2018 05:45 pm
Calder-Conley-Hurd Bonspiel
Mixed format bonspiel. For members only. Thu, Sat-Sun, Jan 4, 6-7. Sign up as a team or a single. Details.
4)  Thu Jan 11, 2018
Mitchell Bonspiel
The 133rd iteration of this men's invitational bonspiel. Thu-Sun, Jan 11-14.
5)  Thu Jan 18, 2018
Empire State Bonspiel
Women's invitational bonspiel. Thu-Sun, Jan 18-21.